[EVENT] adjust & Addict Mobile – Summary of the mobile ad fraud conference

Last September 8, adjust and Addict Mobile organized a conference talking about “the mobile ad fraud” and the growing problem of the fraud in user acquisition.


The event took place at Paris Pionnières, a leafy spot in Paris – partnering up with adjust to discuss the different types of fraud that affect mobile marketers, and ways in which fraudulent campaigns can be detected and prevented.

  • adjust illustrated it speech with the Rovio study case: the Angry Birds editor.
  • Addict Mobile explained with practical exemples of customers: how to save up 30% of your bill



It was a pleasure to meet everyone during this conference, and  of course we wanted to thank the speakers : Claire Calligaro, co-founder of Addict Mobile and Aline Reiniche, senior sales manager of adjust.  They  spoke about their experience of mobile ad fraud and, sharing their “best practices” and “mistakes to avoid”.



Hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Team Addict!


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